Mechanic price lists

Mechanic flat rate chart


Flat rate pricing in mechanics refers to a method of billing where customers are charged a predetermined rate for specific repair or maintenance tasks, regardless of the actual time it takes to complete them. This fixed rate is typically based on industry standards and is intended to provide transparency and consistency in pricing for both […]

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7 different types of doors for car


Car doors are crucial components of vehicles, serving as entry points for passengers and providing protection from external elements. They contribute significantly to the safety, comfort, and convenience of passengers while travelling. Additionally, car doors play a role in the overall aesthetics and design of automobiles, often reflecting the style and innovation of a particular

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Top Car brand start with s

Car brands that start with s


Car brands starting with ‘S’ offer a diverse range of vehicles catering to different preferences and needs. From sporty to family-oriented, these brands provide options for various lifestyles and budgets. Diversity in car brands ensures that consumers have a wide selection to choose from, allowing them to find the perfect fit for their requirements.  Competition

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Dealerships get car from other dealership

Can car dealerships get cars from other dealerships


Car dealerships acquire inventory through various channels to ensure a diverse selection for customers. Having a diverse inventory is crucial as it caters to different preferences and needs, attracting a wider range of buyers. Typically, dealerships acquire cars through direct purchases from manufacturers, auctions, trade-ins from customers, and sometimes from other dealerships. Direct purchases involve

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A teen is enjoying her dream car

Best sports cars for teen


Sports cars hold significant allure for teens due to their sleek designs, high performance, and association with speed and excitement. Many teenagers dream of owning a sports car as it represents freedom and independence on the road.   However, it’s crucial to emphasize safety and responsibility when selecting a sports car for a teen driver.

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transmission leak

How Far Can You Drive With A Transmission Leak?


In the world of cars, there’s a hidden issue that can cause significant trouble: transmission leaks. Imagine this scenario: your car seems slightly off, acting strangely, and you’re unsure why. It might be a transmission leak, and while it might sound minor, it’s a problem that shouldn’t be ignored. A well-functioning transmission is crucial for

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